As the world grapples with the issue of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there is more political and economic pressure to cooperate. The shrinking of the world’s markets is likely to continue as nations recognize the truth.

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I’m Khalid Nazir

Khalid Nazir has taken his education in business, economics, and psychology and
spun them into a 14 year career in banking, insurance, investments, and pensions.
His speciality is investment banking and financial compliance. Along with holding a
number of banking industry designations, he has received several industry awards.
This has led to guest speaking engagements at several industry panel discussions.
Mr. Nazir has watched the Coronavirus pandemic unfurl both as an observer and
as an unwilling participant. Coronomics is his attempt to help others to understand
the economic impact so far and in the future of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the book

Dr. Rawof is a renowned family physician in United States and a life coach. In addition, she was recognized with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) leadership award at Mc Master university of Canada and in her preface of Coronomics, the writer introduced the book in following words:

“Until March 2020, Covid-19 seemed like any other virus, at least from a North American perspective. But all that was about to change. In just a few short weeks, that distant threat would be firmly planted on our soil. No one was expecting what would come next. From social distancing to mask wearing, lives around the world were suddenly transformed. The first few weeks of lockdown just kept stretching out until months had passed and suddenly, there was no end in sight. When would the vaccines be ready, and would they be enough? The impacts of Covid quickly stretched beyond social and just as quick economies around the world started to strain under the burden of the uncontrolled virus. As lockdowns and restrictions stretched on, long-term economic hardships started to become apparent. Now more than a year after Covid made landfall in North America in a big way, we are seeing the economic toll. Short-term effects such as businesses closing and individuals losing chunks of their disposable income. Long-term effects such as increasing government deficits and personal debt. This book is a study of the economic effects of Covid-19 at the one-year point. We will call these effects Coronomics. “

Salma Rawof, MD


Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness on post pandemic economics.

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