About Author

Coronomics is not a study of traditional economics. It’s time to make a change by building positive communities.

As an active proponent of positive culture in society, with over a decade of professional experience in finance, Nazir applies Mindful Self Compassion to his celebrated work as a mentor, researcher, author, investment analyst, and banker. Nazir studied economics, positive psychology and mastered in business and leadership—with additional training forthcoming from Harvard Business School, where he is currently enrolled. He believes that passion and perseverance can transform both the professional and the personal, and applies an interdisciplinary and multifaceted ethos to each of his endeavors—affecting enduring growth for his clients, mentees, and broader readership.

Optimism allows Nazir to transform even the most difficult situations into opportunities for growth. Most recently, he was proud to be a founder of the Coronomics LAB, where he spearheads awareness of and is the research resource hub for post-pandemic economics. To ensure that his research is accessible to the broadest audience possible, he authored a book about Coronavirus and economics to empower his audience to make informed decisions about their investments in an ever-changing landscape.

In addition to his work as the Founder and CEO of the Coronomics LAB, Nazir currently works in a C-Suite capacity in the financial compliance domain. A tireless innovator, he is also developing an economics research hub for industry professionals. Previously, he worked in several other domains in the financial industry, such as retail banking, investment banking, portfolio management, and risk management. As he reaches to expand his breadth of expertise and receive further professional accolades, he looks forward to continuously supporting young professionals, as well as those who wish to become financially empowered – regardless of their background or upbringing.